Congratulations Karen! Emmaus Preston and Emmaus Burnley’s Head of Support has passed her driving test with Preston Driving School and is about to get a vehicle to go on the road…

Karen was supported by Emmaus after being homelessness on and off for 15 years, and applied for driving lessons through the Companion Training and Welfare Fund. After getting a job as a support worker here, and taking a break from driving through the pandemic, Karen paid to finish the course herself – with great success.

Improving skills and future prospects

Karen leads a team of support workers based at Emmaus Preston, Emmaus Burnley and Emmaus Department Store in Rochdale, who provide personalised help to people joining Emmaus, to work through any issues and build back any lost confidence to progress.

“I won’t have to travel to Emmaus Burnley and Emmaus Department Store in Rochdale on the train anymore and get in late at night. It wasn’t easy, especially travelling by bus during the train strikes. Life will be so much easier now,” Karen said.

Companions get motoring

People supported by Emmaus are now following in Karen’s footsteps, with three companions submitting applications for driving lessons at the moment, which will improve skills and future prospects. Well done Karen!


If you would like to know more about getting support with Emmaus Preston please visit our Get Support page here.