Everyone at Emmaus Preston believes in the ability people have to change their lives.

Emmaus Preston is a local charity that provides a home, work opportunities and personal support to people who have experienced homelessness. We’re passionate about helping individuals gain the confidence, skills, experience and self-resilience to progress in their lives.

Our charity

Emmaus Preston’s main focus is on supporting people who have experienced homelessness and social isolation. We provide a home for as long as someone needs it and work opportunities in our social enterprise. Living in a stable environment with the opportunity to work helps our companions, as residents are known, to regain lost self-esteem and the confidence to get back on their feet.

Emmaus Preston is an independent local charity that is governed by a board of trustees who all live, work or are invested in the development of Preston and its surrounding communities.

About Emmaus Preston

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Our community

Our community

Emmaus Preston has its own community home that can accommodate up to 26 adults in a comfortable and safe environment. Each person has their own furnished en-suite room, access to a range of communal facilities and the opportunity to get involved in community activities.

Emmaus Preston is an inclusive, friendly place to live. When people arrive here they are often vulnerable, low on confidence and unable to see a way out of their circumstances. We provide a wide range of personal support, training and advice that is tailored to each individual. Our focus is on providing the life-skills people need to move on in their lives and make a positive contribution to society.

Our social enterprise

Our social enterprise

Like any flourishing community, Emmaus Preston is most successful when everyone makes a contribution. People can gain work experience in our social enterprise and generate the funds needed to support the community and the companions that call it home.

Together we run charity stores, processing donated goods, making collections and deliveries on the vans and participating in the maintenance of our community home. This daily focus provides structure and discipline in companions’ lives. Alongside our companions, our social enterprise is also supported by a dedicated team of local volunteers.

Emmaus Preston provides hope, a stable supportive place to live, work opportunities and training as well as companionship, care and warmth.

Companions can be proud of the active roles played in our social enterprise and the wider community and get back confidence and self-esteem.

Support us today

Your support of our charity is essential in helping to sustain what we do and provide fresh starts to people who are homeless. Your donations and purchases really do make a difference to the lives of others.

If you purchase items in our Emmaus Preston charity stores, not only will you be getting a good quality, affordable item, you will be helping someone who has been homeless to get their life back on track again.