In time for World Homeless Day 2022, we’ve released the season finale of our Emmaus podcast Homelessness Matters.

Episode 5 is out now on all podcast streaming platforms, or listen here on our website.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Beckie at Emmaus Lancashire. Beckie was sofa surfing after experiencing domestic violence and sadly losing her two children to social services. Now with the support of Emmaus, Beckie is training to become a social worker.

You’ll also hear from Karen, who was homeless on and off for 15 years; her abusive partner forced her to steal and become addicted to heroin. When Karen’s partner died, she got herself clean but battled with alcohol addiction. After spending time in prison, Karen found Emmaus and has since got her life back on track. She’s now Head of Support at Emmaus Lancashire, helping other people who’ve experienced homelessness to turn their lives around.

The Homelessness Matters podcast shines a light on why people may become homeless and what homelessness truly means. In each episode you’ll hear from someone who has experienced homelessness and is now being supported by Emmaus.

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