What is solidarity?

Solidarity is helping others who are unable to help themselves. Often the help that we give is provided by our companions themselves. This is win win – it helps our companions to know that they are making a positive contribution and it helps the recipients in return.

Some examples of solidarity work are:

  • Clearing up the garden for someone who is disabled or infirm.
  • Supporting other charities that need painting and decorating or furniture.
  • Helping homeless people to move into new accommodation and getting this ready.
  • Helping someone to get their house in order when they have let things slip as a result of disability, illness or family crisis.
  • We also house two refused asylum seekers (who are not entitled to housing benefit) who, despite having their application to remain in this country refused, are frightened that they will be persecuted if they are returned to their home country.

If you would like to request solidarity assistance please email our community leader Steve James outlining what you would like us to help with and why.

Please also don’t be offended if we decide we cannot help – this time. We have to be a little selective and can only help those who are in genuine need and whom we feel we have the current capacity, resources and expertise to assist.