My name is Emily, I’m from Crosby in Liverpool and I volunteer at Emmaus Merseyside helping with admin and office work. I started back in August 2016 but it feels like I’ve been here a lot longer than that.

I’m really enjoying my time here. It’s something to do whilst I’m looking for work. I’d never heard of Emmaus before but someone mentioned it to me and said they were looking for volunteers. The Emmaus Merseyside community is only down the road from where I live so I thought I’d get in touch and see what the role was about.

I felt very welcome at Emmaus from the moment I walked in and I knew I would feel happy here. When I first started I came over to the community building and got used to the people and processes at the charity. I come each week doing research, sourcing products, keeping records updated and any other admin duties I can help with.

I like being part of the Emmaus community and feel like I’m giving something back to charity. When I started I wasn’t a very confident person and was very quiet as I didn’t know anyone. People are really nice here though and very chatty so that has helped my confidence grow.

Alongside my volunteering I’m looking for admin work and hopefully I’ve got something down the line. Things are moving forward for myself now and even if I got a job I would still like to stick on and be involved at Emmaus Merseyside.

Emmaus is a really good charity to support and give back to. Come into the shops, chat to companions and see what bargains you can find.