When someone joins Emmaus they become a ‘Companion’. The only thing in common with all who live here are that they were homeless on arrival, or at threat of becoming homeless. Emmaus Medway has space for 24 Companions, men and women, aged 18-65.


Companions are able to stay with Emmaus for as short or long a period of time as they want or need. So long as you can keep to the house rules (no drink on site, no drugs, no violence or threats) then this can be your home.


We have people join our community from all sorts of places, and for all kinds of reasons. Homelessness may mean sleeping rough, sofa surfing, or we may be able to intervene before someone is in that position. We look to prioritise those who are local to Medway, and over 90% of residents in the past 2 years have been from this area.


Companions have their own room, with en-suite bathroom, and share 1 of 4 kitchens. There is also a large garden space at our Community site, as well as a communal living room, with Sky TV, Sky Sports and free internet access.


Companions can take from the service what they need; some will want to stay with us for a short period before moving on; others will want time to re-adjust, get working, learn some new skills before finding something else; others will make Emmaus their long-term home. We consider each of these outcomes a success.