Retail Manager Alex joined our staff team in 2023. Here, she tells us what she is enjoying most about her role as our Retail Manager…

My first job was in retail, and then I moved over to working in charity governance for many years.

When I moved to the Hinckley area a couple of years ago, I took up a retail position. However, I missed the fulfilling experience of working for a charity. Once you start working for charities, nothing else cuts it.

For me, working for a charity is more than just a job; there’s an empathy that comes with engaging in the aims and ethos of a charity, that you don’t get in a 9 to 5 office role. You can’t learn it – you have to feel it.

That’s why, when the opportunity for the Retail Manager role at Emmaus Leicestershire & Rutland arose, it felt like the ideal match for me.

I’m responsible for overseeing our massive Emporium charity shop in Hinckley. I’m absolutely loving working here so far; it’s a really fulfilling job.

I’m enjoying getting to know the companions; we’ve been sharing tea and biscuits together, on breaks during our busy days.

The companions are what give me the drive to work hard: the bigger picture of what our charity does is so important. I love the fact that Emmaus is really unique in that every penny raised in our shop is fed back into the charity and will directly help the companions who are helping to run it.

I like diversity and here I’m never bored: every day is different. Each time our van returns to the Emporium after collecting donated furniture, my excitement kicks in – I feel like a big kid during the unloading process! Discovering the new treasures to add to the shop floor is something I thoroughly enjoy. The generosity of our supporters shines through in the lovely things they donate.

I’m really looking forward to what the future will bring, not only for myself but also for the charity: it’s such a valued helping hand to those that really need it.