No Christmas Cards Appeal 2022



of £1,000 target

Help us reach our target!

Please help us hit our target of £1,000 this Christmas: donate money instead of sending cards.

Can’t find the time to write dozens of Christmas cards to family, friends and work colleagues this year? Worried you’ll forget someone?

The answer is simple: we’re asking you to kindly donate the money you would have spent on Christmas cards to Hinckley-based homelessness charity Emmaus Leicestershire & Rutland.

We’re hoping all our supporters will join in and collectively help us reach our No Christmas Cards Appeal target of £1,000.

It all adds up…

It’s quick and easy: just add up roughly how much you would usually spend on buying cards and paying for postage.

First Class stamps currently cost 95p and Second Class stamps are 68p each.

If you were going to post 30 cards, by Second Class, that’s £20.40 in postage costs alone.

We’d be so grateful if you’d consider donating that money to help our homelessness charity instead (using the Appeal donation form above), to help us reach our target.

You could even send your friends a text to let them know that you’ve donated to help a local charity, instead of cards this year.

This Christmas, help someone who has been homeless to turn their life around:

£10 will enable us to provide someone with vital health and wellbeing support for a month.

£20 will pay for someone’s food for 5 days.

£50 will pay for a month’s heating for someone living at our accommodation in Hinckley.

Please donate online using the Appeal form at the top of this page – thank you so much for your support.

Find out more about how Emmaus Leicestershire & Rutland helps