Emmaus Leeds offers companions a home for as long as they need it. When a companion feels ready to move to that next step towards independence they can relocate to the “move on” house. The “move on” house is a stepping stone for companions who are transitioning out of the Emmaus community, it plays a crucial role in this journey towards independence and stability. Recently, the move on house received a garden makeover, thanks to the generous support of B&Q Killingbeck. 

The overgrown garden was full of weeds and wasn’t being used by companions living in the property, however, after support from B&Q the garden is totally transformed. The overgrown grass and weeds were stripped away and replaced with grey gravel. Potted plants add a lovely touch and the garden looks like a different place. This transformation not only beautified the surroundings but also made it much more manageable for those residing there. The essence of the project was to create a space that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and low-maintenance. 

Tony, an Emmaus Leeds companion living in the property said: “I am glad for what B&Q have done, we’re really happy with the garden.  I’d like to give my personal thanks, and also thanks on behalf of others who will be living in this house in the future.” 

B&Q Killingbeck’s support is a great example of how corporations can make a meaningful impact on local communities. By giving their time, resources, and expertise, they have helped to create a positive change in the lives of Emmaus Leeds companions. 

Gina Morrison, Exec Lead at Emmaus Leeds said: “Everyone at Emmaus Leeds is blown away by the transformation the team from B&Q Killingbeck made to one of our move-on house gardens in one day!  Their generosity in supplying the materials and the sheer hard work they put in to bring about this change is amazing.  The garden is now so easy to maintain that it will widen the scope of the people we can offer it to, as they move along their Emmaus journey.” 

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