Like any flourishing community, Emmaus Leeds is most successful when everyone makes a contribution. For us, that means working together in our social enterprise, to generate the funds needed to support the community and the companions that call it home.

Our community building

We support 26 formerly homeless people, known as companions, at our community building. Each person has their own en-suite bedroom and access to a number of communal rooms including kitchen, lounge area and study.

Watch the video below to get a tour of our community:

People who join our community, known as companions, pledge their commitment to improving their mental well-being and helping others by working to the best of their ability in our social enterprises and with the running of the community itself. Their daily work experience is an important part of the Emmaus ethos because it gives people a focus each day, an opportunity for personal development, and allows companions to directly contribute to the success of our charity. Whilst at Emmaus Leeds, people can access individual support, training and personal development to gain the skills and resilience needed to move forward positively in their lives.

Social impact

For every £1 spent with Emmaus there is an £11 social, economic and environmental return on investment.

This was the finding of a social return on investment study carried out on behalf of Emmaus. The research showed that we make a significant impact, with savings to the healthcare system, a reduction in crime and reoffending as well as savings to the benefits bill. Read the full report here.


Solidarity, helping others less fortunate than yourself, is central to the Emmaus way of life. Everyone at Emmaus Leeds, including companions, staff, trustees and volunteers are encouraged to carry out acts of solidarity to support people who need it most.

For companions in particular, this has a huge impact on their confidence and self-worth, showing them that they can make a difference to someone else’s life and add value to the lives of people around them.