8-year-old Jacob has completed his Big Marathon Month fundraiser throughout June and raised more than £1,000 for Emmaus Leeds.

Jacob Cloke from Wortley has taken part in the Emmaus UK Big Marathon Month which encourages people to run, walk or cycle the marathon distance of 26.2 miles during June. The additional challenge for fundraisers this year was to double their distance to 70 miles, in recognition of the Queen’s Jubilee, which Jacob gladly accepted.

In total Jacob clocked up 75.2 miles and smashed his original fundraising target which was set at £100. This is Jacob’s second year participating in this event for Emmaus Leeds, after also completing it during the lockdown of June 2020. Across both years, Jacob has raised over £2,000 for Emmaus Leeds.

When asked about his fundraising, Jacob said; “I like it at Emmaus Leeds and all the people there. I like to give the money to the homeless as it might help make more houses. I love running and I love extra challenges in life. I think it’s important to go further and push yourself more than you have to sometimes.

“I am also doing it for my friend Little Audrey who went to live in the stars in December, so I am remembering her. When I did the Big Marathon Month in June 2020 we used to cycle, walk or scooter to her house to take her treats and wave through the window.”

So proud

Paul Cloke, Jacob’s father, said; “As his parents, we have always encouraged him to have an understanding of homelessness. When the challenge from Emmaus UK came along, Jacob jumped at the chance. We have always supported him in his own decisions. He is selfless and always puts 100% into everything he does. We are so proud of him for whatever he does but for someone so young to have the attitude he shows for others is amazing and humbling at the same time.”

Gina Morrison, General Manager of Emmaus Leeds, said: “Jacob is doing a great job, making such an effort to raise funds and awareness for Emmaus Leeds. Well done Jacob! On behalf of everyone at Emmaus Leeds, we want to say a huge thank you.”

Learn more about Emmaus Leeds today. For more information, to make a donation or get involved please call 0113 248 4288 or visit Emmaus Leeds at St Mary’s Street, Leeds, LS9 7DP.