The second season of Emmaus’s podcast, Homelessness Matters, launches 10 October 2023. With the release of season two set to coincide with World Homeless Day, we’re taking a fresh view of homelessness.

In this season we go beyond individual experiences and ask important questions. Is homelessness just about a few people’s own situations? We think there’s more to it. By talking to experts, we explore how larger factors in our society can lead to homelessness.

Each episode of the latest Emmaus podcast features someone who has experienced homelessness, alongside expert guests working within the sector and members of the public sharing their views of homelessness. We’ll explore some of the different factors that can push people into homelessness.

Speaking about the pressures faced by people forced into homelessness in the podcast, Brad said: “When the door that you call home is locked behind you, that is an indescribable feeling. Not only do you not feel safe, it’s like the security and autonomy you once had has been taken away from you.” 

Voices of lived experience

The new episodes of the Emmaus Homelessness Matters podcast encourage listeners to look beyond individual experiences and discover how larger factors in society can lead to people becoming homeless. We are joined by experts from across the sector, who will bring important insights on homelessness. And we also hear from members of the public about their understanding of these vital issues.

Jill Garner, Chair of Trustees at Emmaus UK, said: “By listening to the different voices discussing each topic in the new season of our podcast, we hope listeners will develop a greater understanding of the issues affecting people in society today. What affects one of us, affects us all and by challenging the status quo, we can all work together to bring about positive change.”

To coincide with the new season, Emmaus has launched a series of additional resources for people seeking help. Covering topics such as youth homelessness, mental health, and furniture poverty, you can find information related to each subject area.

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Tune in to each episode from 10 October 2023. The podcast will be available to listen to on our website. You can also listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts

Season one is still available to listen to here.