PAT testing is a useful skill to have both in the electrical and retail sector, and now several of our companions have passed their courses with flying colours.

Andrew, Kirsty and Andrew attended a PAT testing course prior to lockdown and have since passed the practical and theory components of the course, demonstrating confidence when using the PAT testing machine. They have received their certificates, allowing them to use these skills both at Emmaus Glasgow and in the future.

Throughout their time at Emmaus Glasgow, those we support following their experiences with homelessness learn a variety of new skills. Not only do they gain confidence in themselves and their own abilities but they are given the tools and experience they need to move on from our community when they feel ready to, with our support.

A large portion of our income through both our shops and charitable activities, including your donations and support, goes directly towards helping companions learn new skills, achieve new qualifications and support their learning.