For many people, losing their self-esteem can be the most damaging part of experiencing homelessness. Being on your own, with no support can be soul-destroying and leave you feeling worthless.

Finding your way out of that situation isn’t easy. Often the only options available are temporary fixes, offering a bed for the night but little to occupy your days.

Emmaus is different because it provides a home for as long as someone needs it in a community setting. This gives people the opportunity to take stock of their lives, deal with any issues they might have, and often re-establish relationships with loved ones.

“Companion” is how we refer to those who live in an Emmaus community and work in the social enterprise, where they support themselves and one another.

Emmaus social enterprises generate revenue that pays for our companions’ home, food and upkeep. It also provides them with a small weekly allowance. This is key to restoring feelings of self-worth, showing that their actions make a real difference, both to their own life, and the lives of others.

Our <i>community</i>

Our community

We provide a home and meaningful work for up to 27 formerly homeless people. Our purpose built community offers a comfortable home, while our two shops and warehouse provide meaningful work experience and generate the funds needed to keep our community going.

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Our <i>history</i>

Our history

Emmaus Glasgow started in 1997 with a group of four volunteers led by Duncan Wallace. A French Emmaus community had challenged them to start a group and had donated a small amount of seed capital to get the venture off the ground.
As work to find premises and funding progressed, Alan Grant joined as the first development worker. The team established an office and developed a hard-working team of voluntary trustees. In 1999 Emmaus Glasgow became a Scottish registered charity and company limited by guarantee.
The 24 self-contained flats which make the Emmaus Glasgow community opened on 2 January 2006 with the first two companions. Emmaus Glasgow now supports up to 27 homeless people who have experienced homelessness. It also has a workshop, two charity shops and a warehouse.