Did you know that each year an estimated 50 million litres of paint is either thrown away or stored in homes or garages despite over 50% of it still being usable?

Emmaus Glasgow is excited to now stock ReColour paint by Community Repaint in our Ellesmere Street shop.

ReColour is a quality, water-based emulsion created by the Community RePaint network from leftover, reusable paint. It comes in a standard range of 20 colours, including white and magnolia.

ReColour has been launched by Community RePaint to meet the demand in the community for good quality affordable paint and to maximise the amount of paint the network can divert from the waste stream. It is produced at some Community RePaint schemes from leftover, reusable paint which is remanufactured with certain additives to ensure its longevity and quality and put into new containers.

What is Community RePaint?

Community RePaint is a national paint reuse network, sponsored by Dulux, that aims to collect this leftover paint and redistribute it to benefit individuals, families and communities in need. This paint is improving the wellbeing of people and adding colour to places across the UK.

Ideal for decorating, refreshing or an upcycle project. 5 litres of emulsion start at just £12.99 and 750ml of chalk paint is only £9.99.

Looking for good quality, affordable paint? Why not pick up a tin of ReColour emulsion paint? In stock now at our Ellesmere Street shop.