Emmaus communities and groups across the UK joined forces in a month-long solidarity campaign during June, showing support and raising funds for others.

Solidarity is a core part of the Emmaus movement. Following in the footsteps of founder, Abbé Pierre, Emmaus gives back by helping others who are experiencing need. Throughout June, communities and groups took part in a month-long Embrace Solidarity campaign to celebrate the good work that takes place across Emmaus.

From fundraising events, to delivering supplies to earthquake-hit regions in Syria and Türkiye, people took part in a wide range of activities. Communities and groups also held Solidarity Sale days and events, donating their proceeds to Emmaus International. From there, the funds will be used to support Emmaus groups across the world.

Here are just some of the many activities that took place:

Solidarity benefits us all

“Solidarity is the key to Emmaus’ success. By helping each other through our daily struggles and our national and international duties to one and another we gain strength together.”
Mark, Emmaus Cambridge

With a stable home and the opportunity to build up self-esteem, people supported by Emmaus are making a contribution to wider society in the UK and internationally. By working in togetherness to help others, we can all feel rewarded, fulfilled and empowered.

The month-long solidarity celebration may be over, but solidarity acts continue across Emmaus all year round. Some of the ongoing solidarity includes fundraising for good causes, providing free or discounted children’s toys and clothes, giving out food and essential items to people sleeping rough, food deliveries, free furniture for people experiencing hardship – and much more beyond. Some Solidarity Sale days are still to come – watch out on Twitter and Facebook for upcoming events near you.

Visit our Solidarity page to find out more about solidarity across Emmaus and the work that goes on throughout the year.

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