On Thursday 24 March, we’re holding a special event at our charity shop in Coventry.

On this day, all proceeds from every purchase made in the shop will be donated to Emmaus Europe and distributed to Emmaus groups in Ukraine, as war continues to take hold in the country. The money will also help Emmaus groups in neighbouring Poland and Romania who are supporting displaced people from Ukraine.

Please come shop with us for this special day, and join us in solidarity by making a purchase.

Our charity shop is at 70 Red Lane, Coventry CV6 5EQ, and will be open 10am until 4pm. The second-hand superstore offers a range of good quality, used and second hand furniture and electrical items. We are constantly having new items donated to us, so our shop floor usually has fresh stock every day.

If you’d prefer to donate online to the Emmaus Ukraine Appeal, please visit www.emmaus.org.uk/ukraine

Many thanks for your support