I grew up in care from the age of 3. I was placed with many different foster carers and children’s homes so I moved around and went to a lot of different schools. I had to keep starting my life all over again. I must have done that over 20 times and each time it caused so much stress and anxiety.  

Being born into that kind of life, through no fault of my own, made me feel very rejected and confused. I was in care until the age of 19. When I left, I had no confidence whatsoever. They gave me my first month’s rent and that was it: I was left to care for myself.  

As an adult I settled down into a relationship and lived with my partner for 11 years. However when that came to an end, it triggered my depression and brought back all the old feelings about having to start again.  

I heard about Emmaus when I needed somewhere to live and start again. I was a companion at Emmaus Coventry & Warwickshire for six years: I had my own room, support and a daily routine that helped. 

I recently moved out and into local accommodation that gives me more independence, which is working well for me. 

My passion has always been music; Emmaus bought me specialist software so I could produce music from a studio in my room. I still keep up this hobby, and create dance, trance and uplifting drum & bass tracks. Making music helps to keep me focused, express myself and create something great at the same time.  

A couple of months ago I heard there was a job available at Emmaus, so I applied and was really pleased to be offered it. I’m now a full-time van driver. I drive around Coventry and the surrounding area, helping to collect Bulky Waste items on behalf of the local council – a service that earns money for the charity.  

It’s good being back – in some ways it feels like I never left. I enjoy talking to the companions; we sometimes share our experiences and although everyone has a different story, I feel that I can listen and support them because of my journey. 

Being an Emmaus companion was a big part of my life, so it means a lot to be working here now.