We’re delighted to extend heartfelt thanks to the Eveson Trust for their generous funding of £7,500.

Their funding has meant that we’ve been able to partner with Dentaid, a mobile dentistry service dedicated to assisting complex and socially excluded groups.

Clinics at Emmaus

Until April 2024, Dentaid’s mobile dental unit will be a familiar sight, regularly setting up clinics right outside our community home in Binley, Coventry. Here, individuals who have experienced homelessness and currently reside in our accommodation, have the chance to access free dentistry services.

To date, seven individuals from our community have already received dental check-ups and necessary dental work, ensuring they can maintain good oral health.

Homelessness and dental health

Groundswell’s study, Healthy Mouths showed that limited access to dental services significant impacts the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

The study revealed that people who are homeless are much more likely to have teeth, mouth and gum problems, with many experiencing considerable pain on a daily basis.