It’s not all work at Emmaus Cambridge. We actively support our companions to use their spare time in a constructive and healthy way. This includes taking up new hobbies or re-kindling an interest in old ones. We currently have five keen anglers amongst our companions.

We provide Environment Agency licenses, fishing tackle that has been donated and transport to and from local venues.

Research has shown that fishing keeps you fit, improves concentration and self-esteem, increases vitamin D uptake and reduces stress. It is a great way to improve your physical and mental health!

Companions Steve and John work together on the mezzanine floor here at Landbeach sorting clothes, textiles and kitchen equipment ready for display in our shop. They are also keen anglers and regularly go fishing together both after work and on their days off. They have even enjoyed two week-long fishing and camping holidays together this year – all facilitated by Emmaus Cambridge!

Other companions have expressed interest in going fishing but we currently have no tackle for them – do you have any old rods, reels or other equipment lying in your loft or garage? If so please donate them to our Landbeach shop so we can help more companions to enjoy the healthy benefits of fishing!