We make a significant contribution to keeping things out of landfill, which benefits the environment. On average, our customers buy in the region of 420 tonnes of previously-owned household goods a year, which would otherwise have ended up in landfill. Assuming that a double decker bus weighs in the region of 15 tonnes that is more than the weight of two double decker buses each month.

Reusing an item of furniture saves the energy associated with manufacturing a new one, which has an enormous and positive impact on reducing CO2 emissions.  It also gives a whole new purpose to an item which may be finished with by one person but which still has plenty of life left in it.

Our upcycling workshop

Our workshop not only provides companions with the opportunity to gain new skills by learning how to upcycle second-hand furniture, but it also helps to save unnecessary items from going to landfill.

All items that are upcycled and restored in the workshop go on sale in our shop to help raise money to support our community, which is home to up to 44 people working hard to rebuild their lives following homelessness.

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Restore, Recycle, Re-use.

When the furniture comes into the workshop, it’s a bit battered but we see the potential it has and we restore it to something beautiful again. It’s a bit like when we come to Emmaus; we might have had a rough time but Emmaus gives us a chance to sort our lives out.”

Drew, Emmaus companion.