It’s a busy week for us here at Emmaus Cambridge. Not only do we have our 30th birthday celebrations here at our community on Saturday 28th, but on Thursday we are getting a visit from the Heart Movement Bus and the team from the Battling Suicide Bus.

Emmaus Cambridge welcomes Heart Bus and Battling Suicide Bus

The iconic America vehicle used by the Heart Bus team is being driven around the country as part of the National Heart Movement Tour, supporting the nation’s post-pandemic recovery from residual mental health issues experienced during the pandemic.

On Thursday 26th it will be stopping off at Emmaus Cambridge and will provide an open-access, free-to-visit community space and mobile workshop, creating a safe space for those who have been impacted by the pandemic.

The tour enables people to connect with others, experience the benefits of mindfulness and listening spaces, and learn about the ‘technology of heart intelligence’. Launched in 2019, the Heart Movement is dedicated to creating balance, connection, and emotional resilience for all who wish to take part.

Alongside the Heart Bus, we’ll also be joined by the 5asideCHESS Battling Suicide Bus. This fantastic organisation uses the quick, fun version of the traditional game as an ice breaker tool to get people talking and to tackle loneliness, social isolation and the mental health problems issues can cause. Their message is clear: Connect and Check on your Mates.

Tara Constable, Ecommerce and Marketing Coordinator at Emmaus Cambridge said:

“As a community, we understand the importance of mindfulness and personal wellbeing. The Heart Movement and 5asideCHESS bring a space for wellbeing, listening and human connection, which is exactly what our community tries to give everyone that calls our community home.

“We believe the work of these organisations resonates a lot with ours, which is why we are very excited to welcome them into our community.”

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