We’re pleased to announce that, for the third year running, Emmaus will be one of the 24 charities supported by the Advent of Change product lineup for Christmas 2023.

Each year, non-profit social enterprise Advent of Change produces an advent calendar that features a different charity behind each door. Profits from the calendar are then split between each of the featured charities.

We are proud to be one of the charities featured in their Advent Calendars and Children’s Calendar, as well as their Advent of Change Candle and 12 Days of Kindness Candle.

The Advent of Change range is available to buy via the Advent of Change website.

How your purchase supports Emmaus

Across the UK, people are rebuilding their lives at Emmaus communities after experiencing homelessness and social exclusion. Your donation will help us to provide a home, support and meaningful work for as long as it is needed.

For many people who have experienced homelessness, losing their self-esteem can be the most damaging part of their experience. Being on your own, with no support around you can be soul destroying, leaving you feeling worthless.

Finding your way out of that situation isn’t easy, particularly when the only options available are temporary fixes, offering a bed for the night but little to occupy your days. Emmaus is different because we provide a home for as long as someone needs it in an Emmaus community. This gives people the opportunity to take stock of their lives, deal with any issues they might have, and often re-establish relationships with loved ones.

People who live in Emmaus communities and work in the social enterprises are known as ‘companions.’ Emmaus social enterprises generate revenue that pays for companions’ home, food and upkeep, as well as providing a small weekly allowance. This is key to restoring feelings of self-worth, showing people that their actions make a real difference, both to their own life, and the lives of others.

Companions can remain at Emmaus for as long as they wish. However, for those who wish to move on, Emmaus offers support to gain qualifications, find employment and accommodation, and take steps towards independent living.

Advent of Change 2023 Calendars

Perfect for gifting or displaying proudly on your mantlepiece, the advent calendars donate 50p or £1 each day to one of 24 charities doing incredible work.

Daily charitable donations make opening your advent calendar on winter mornings even more special. Look forward to waking up and discovering how you have made a difference to charities at home and around the world.

Children’s calendar

With family-focused charities, this children’s advent calendar features a fun, colourful design and is completely plastic-free. Entertain your little ones with the enjoyable game of helping to build a snowman by searching for hidden snowman pieces each day. Help the whole family get in to the Christmas spirit whilst showing the importance of giving back.

With daily 50p donations to each of the 24 family-friendly charities, this is a great way to wake up knowing you’ve helped change the world.

Advent candle

The Advent of Change advent candle version brings a charitable donation to every day of the festive countdown. The stylish, scented candle reveals 24 hidden numbers as it burns, helping you count down to Christmas while supporting charities all over the world. The accompanying booklet shows exactly how your donation has helped each day.

From helping to protect our oceans and natural habitats, to providing food and medicine for people in need, each of the 24 charities has been chosen for its incredible contribution to making the world a better place. For those looking to support multiple charities with one purchase, the Advent of Change candle is the perfect gift.

12 Days of Kindness Candle

The 12 Days of Kindness charity candle keeps the spirit of giving going long past the festive season.

When it is lit, 12 hidden stars are revealed; one to represent each charity supported by your purchase. Use the booklet to find out which charity you have helped at each stage and what your donation has enabled them to do. Each donation spreads kindness and helps to make the world a better place.

All items in the Advent of Change range are available to buy via the Advent of Change website.

Support Emmaus by purchasing an Advent for Change 2023 calendar or by making a donation today. Alternatively, read about the other ways you can support our work.