A free exhibition showcasing unique artwork is being held by Bedfordshire homelessness charity Emmaus Village Carlton.

From Tuesday 13 August to Sunday 8 September*, a group of our companions – formerly homeless men and women – will exhibit their own pieces of art in our charity’s Home Store near Carlton. All are being supported by Emmaus to turn their lives around, after finding themselves without a home.


Dean Frater, one of the exhibitors, was rough sleeping in Milton Keynes for a year before being helped by Emmaus: “When I was homeless I used to sleep in the woods to keep myself safe away from everybody. I am bipolar and so, even though I now have a place to live and receive support thanks to Emmaus, I still need to take care of my mental health.

“Art is very important to me as taking time to quietly paint calms me down.

“My work is mainly in watercolours and oil based pencils. I enjoy nature and so much of my art focuses on flowers, including the pieces which will be in the exhibition. I have an eidetic memory which means I’m able to see something once and then carry it in my head, so all my work is done from memory.”

This is the second year we will be holding this event. Last summer we received a tremendous response from visitors who saw the exhibition and this year we will be showcasing the talents of even more companions. Exhibiting to the public can be nerve-wracking but also a rewarding experience and we’re excited to celebrate the creative talents of the people we support. Their art is testament to what can be achieved despite a person going through tough times.

The free exhibition is open Tuesday – Saturday 9.30am – 4.30pm and Sunday 10am – 4pm inside the Emmaus Village Carlton Home Store, School Lane, Carlton, MK43 7LQ.

Selected pieces will be available for purchase after the exhibition has ended.