‘Solidarity’ is central to the Emmaus ethos. This is when our companions (and staff) ‘pay it forward’ by helping other people in need.

The act of solidarity can be very powerful for Emmaus companions as it is often central to rebuilding lost self-esteem, proving that everyone has the capacity to make a difference to the lives of others.

In the financial year 2019 – 2020…

Here are some examples of our current solidarity projects:

Rucksack Stomp

A group of companions volunteer in Northampton and Wellingborough town centres every week, offering help to those sleeping rough. The self-titled ‘Rucksack Stomp’ team arrives each week carrying large rucksacks filled with food and useful supplies to hand out. Find out more about the Rucksack Stomp.

Monthly donations

Companions at Emmaus Village Carlton meet regularly to decide how we might best help local charities and individuals who need it most. Each month, our companions decide on a local charity to receive £250. In the past, we’ve supported organisations such as Carlton and Chellington Joint Parish Council, the UK Sepsis Trust and the Huntington’s Disease Association. Please get in touch if you would like to suggest a local cause for this fund. Call us on 01234 720826.

Donated goods

We offer free items from our Home Store up to the value of £250, if someone local has moved into an empty property and can’t afford furniture. This is organised via official referrals from housing agencies and the local council. Each year, through this scheme, we donate goods to the value of over £4,000 to people who need it most.

We also regularly donate goods to other Emmaus communities or local charities. Examples include donating first aid equipment to the local St Johns Ambulance for training purposes, books to our local health centre’s library, as well as bikes and bric-a-brac to our local Re-Use Centre. We regularly send containers full of goods to an Emmaus community in Romania.