Lee and Rock act out the role of two charity volunteers who get lost on a journey to take photographs…

Watch this never-seen-before footage of companions in the floor above one of Emmaus Preston’s charity shop. Spoiler alert! Look out for the sketches produced by artist Danielle.

Lee ran an events photography business until loss of bookings during Covid combined with ill health caused him to lose his home. He is now building back with support and a home from Emmaus Preston. You can read more of Lee’s story here.

Lee recorded all of the footage and the soundtrack from the film, which is his original idea, on a mobile phone, using InShot software.

Lee said: “Rock is a natural performer and unafraid of the camera. He has great energy and was an easy choice for a main role. Danielle shared her art with me a few weeks back, quick sketch is one of her skills and a perfect fit for the style I was going for. The location I found a few months ago is above Emmaus Preston fashion shop with its long corridors, dark spaces and old air vents, so I was just waiting for the chance to shoot there.

“Movie making is a learning curve for me, trying to get an ambient atmosphere within script and performance, offers a new and welcome challenge.”