I usually start by checking emails, which I order in priority, if any need immediate responses. I get online volunteer forms through, so I will respond to them and thank people for their interest and ask if these people would like to meet up at one of Emmaus Preston’s charity stores or at the community home, to go through the application.

Meeting prospective volunteers

After meeting with prospective volunteers and filling out applications, I then contact their references. After this, I invite people in for an induction to Emmaus. I also ask for their uniform sizes and get that together. When I’m in the office I keep spreadsheets and do admin work (the boring stuff), but this is important to keep organised. I also help out with other tasks that are needed to do at the house or for the companions, such as dropping lunch off etc.

Checking in with your needs

I regularly go to Emmaus Preston stores to check in with volunteers, making sure they are ok and to ask whether they have any issues or any needs. I feel it’s important to build a good rapport with volunteers because they are valued. I have been doing some pop ups in stores to promote volunteering, I think it’s important to have face-to-face contact, to answer any questions or reservations around volunteering.

Benefits of volunteering

I have always felt volunteering is so important; I started off my career as a volunteer. Volunteering helps people who are in need. It is giving something back and it also has massive benefits for yourself; it can improve your mental mood, keep you busy, help you gain new skills (which is great for your CV), help with building communication skills, interact with others, the list goes on. If you even have a few hours a week to spare, I recommend volunteering for Emmaus Preston.

Creativity is welcome here

In the future, I would love to have a large team of dedicated volunteers, that can do various roles. This will help Emmaus and the companions enormously. I would love volunteers to help put on events and be creative. It doesn’t necessarily matter what the help is, it’s that it’s there, and volunteers are getting something back from giving up their time.


If you or your organisation or business would like to volunteer with Emmaus Preston, please browse our current volunteer opportunities. Get in touch if there’s another way you would like to help, using our online volunteer form.