“Why I volunteer….

“I have been volunteering at Emmaus Bolton for about 18 months now and it’s a thoroughly rewarding experience and a lovely community to be a part of. My volunteering journey started after appearing on The Great British Sewing Bee in 2021 when I was invited to the official opening ceremony of the Scrap Store in the yard at Emmaus Bolton where they have a great range of fabrics, haberdashery and crafting items. I loved the atmosphere of the people and the community and asked if it was ok if I could volunteer…I have been going ever since.


“I can’t go as often as I would like though as I now have a job which requires working away for months at a time. I am very fortunate though as I am now sewing for a living, which is amazing as I get to travel the world working in the theatres on board cruise ships altering the costumes. When I’m not working I do love returning back to Emmaus Bolton to volunteer though as it’s a great atmosphere and chef Craig does a fantastic lunch for the volunteers too!

The people you’ll meet…

Giving your time is a great gift and Emmaus Bolton are currently looking for some more volunteers to help in the Fashion and Clothing department so come and join us if you have a morning /afternoon or even a weekday free. I can highly recommend volunteering as you meet lots of new people, learn new skills and it gives you a nice feeling doing something for others. You never know, it could change your life and others for the better!


To join Damien as an Emmaus Bolton volunteer, take a look at the roles currently available on our volunteering page here.