Would you like to make a difference to the lives of others? Join Emmaus’ 2024 Uprising of Kindness by organising a canned food drive to help people in need.

Emmaus Bolton has been running social supermarket Lucie’s Pantry as a food bank as an act of solidarity for local families since the start of Covid, but we need your help to stock the shelves.

Could you organise a collection of food and essentials among the people you meet with on a regular basis: your social or sport group, your place of work or your local school, college or university?

We are in constant need of non-perishable food and toiletries to distribute to people who are referred to Lucie’s Pantry by our partners. Items like cans, tins, packets and sanitary products were in such demand post-Covid, that we extended the opening hours of our food bank service, which means food and essentials are needed now more than ever.

To help you organise a canned food drive, we’ve put together some steps to follow alongside a poster and social media graphic you can download so we can all work together to #BeMoreKind to others.

Step 1: Gather Resources

  • Paper
  • Basic art supplies
  • Cardboard boxes (or other receptacles for collecting decorations)
  • Social media (helpful but not required)
  • Local organisations willing to house donation boxes

Step 2: Get The Word Out

Use our downloadable poster to put up around the local area, try shop notice boards or pinboards at work or put these up in school.

You can also  download a social media graphic to invite your friends and family to donate to your canned food drive. Remember to include where your collection box(es) will be and when the collection ends.

 Poster To Download To Organise A Can Collection                                       An social media graphic which reads 'I'm collecting cans to help homelessness charity Emmaus Bolton'

If you can include Emmaus Bolton’s website address https://emmaus.org.uk/bolton/what-we-do/lucies-pantry/ to tell people where the food is going and the 2024 Uprising of Kindness hashtag #BeMoreKind all the better!

Step 3: Start Collecting

With a poster in place, your social media post out there with your written appeal and your donation boxes in position, your collection has begun.

Step 4: Announce your total

By sharing how many cans you raised, by writing this over your poster or by reposting the social media graphic with your grand total on social media, people who have helped will feel part of the result.

Step 5: Collect, sort and deliver

We are open to receive donations during our opening hours of 9-5pm on weekdays or 10-4pm on Saturdays at Emmaus Bolton, Fletcher Street, Bolton, BL3 6NF.


Thank you for reading and taking part!



Emmaus Bolton is also in need of volunteers, so if you can’t donate food, but could give your time to support in the charity’s shops or services, please get in touch with us here: 01204 398056 or [email protected]. Or if there’s another way you would like to help out, please get in touch – we would love to hear your ideas.