People can live and take part in a variety of roles at Emmaus Bolton, sharing a life together, but retaining their own dignity and independence. At Emmaus, everyone is accepted for who they are now, not judged on what they might have been in the past.

There are no rules about how long someone may stay at Emmaus, provided they abide by the principles of Emmaus and the spirit of the community.

Supporting our social enterprises is an integral part of community life. These generate the revenue which keeps the community self-sustainable.

“We are not beggars. We are not a welfare organisation. We are workers with a job to do.”

Abbe Pierre – Founder of Emmaus

Our business is about reusing or recycling items that people no longer want. We collect and receive items, carry out minor refurbishment if required, and sell them in our shop. Not only does this stop hundreds of tonnes going into landfill, it also provides our customers with affordable and sometimes unique items for their homes, while also providing a home for others.

Our History
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Our History

Emmaus Bolton opened back in 2005 and has worked hard to provide a home for companions ever since.

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