Huge congratulations to our 80-year-old supporter, Bobby, who is the winner of our first free prize draw!

Bobby loves switching up the interior design of her home and has changed looks many times, using the affordable furniture she has purchased from Emmaus Bolton.

She’s bought and donated sofas, and experimented with different shelving from our Drill Hall Store and been known to buy a few items of bric-a-brac to give her home that unique and individual touch.

Emotions on winning

Bobby said she felt “great” when our companion Paul called to tell her about the win and didn’t know what she’d spend the £100 Emmaus Bolton voucher on. Bobby told us she had bought everything she needed (before casting her eyes on a lovely butterfly patterned hoodie – and buying that from our new look clothing department).

She said: “I wondered what Paul wanted when he phoned. I thought it was to do with the last cupboard I bought. I’ve had sofas from here and some lovely mango shelves; a fireplace too.

“But now, as soon as something I fancy comes in, I shall have the money ready, won’t I? At the moment I don’t need anything, but I shall keep hold of it. I have just spent a load buying shelving and buying all sorts. I get very tempted when I come in. I’ve had some good stuff from here. All the staff are very friendly and helpful, and very cheeky.”

Prize draw presentation

When Bobby came into Emmaus Bolton for the official presentation of her £100 prize draw voucher from Emmaus Bolton director Tony Stephenson, she took us shopping.



To enter our free prize draw, please call into Emmaus Bolton off Fletcher Street or take a look at Emmaus Bolton’s prize draw news article here. See here for Emmaus Bolton Prize Draw Terms and Conditions.