Items donated to us are given a new lease of life when sold in our five charity shops across the county. This helps us to provide a home for as long as needed to people who have experienced homelessness and social exclusion.

However, while our social enterprise thrives because of donations, we would like to remind the public that we cannot accept all items, for a variety of reasons including space, demand, or damage, amongst others.

Accepting items that we cannot sell ultimately results in tipping charges for our charity.

We hope the below is informative, and we thank you for your understanding.

Items we cannot accept: 

  • Gas appliances (we are not Corgi registered)
  • Foam backed carpets (fall apart)
  • Pianos (Health and Safety issue. Too heavy for our van crews to move safely)
  • Items without the relevant fire/safety labels required by law
  • Flat packed MDF furniture (Bits get separated or broken, and items become unsaleable)
  • Items that are not ‘fit for purpose’ due to damage or missing parts
  • Safety equipment: crash helmets (we cannot test and guarantee the integrity of these items)
  • Ladders
  • Soft toys and games that do not have CE labels (items without CE label do not meet legal requirements)
  • Gas bottles, paint, paraffin, petrol, aerosols or other flammable substance (Health & Safety)
  • Inflatable items such as dinghies, mattresses, swimming aids
  • Baby equipment, cots, prams, highchairs, walkers, car seats, etc
  • Items that have rips, tears, stains, marks or damage that will make it difficult to sell in our shops.