Emmaus Dover joined a nationwide call for kindness to support those in need, as part of an international campaign. To mark the 70th anniversary of Uprising of Kindness speech by Abbe Pierre, we are attempting to complete 70 small acts of kindness, to highlight how ordinary acts of kindness can make an extraordinary difference.

The acts of kindness, including donations of food and furniture to those in need, support a global Uprising of Kindness, promoting being more kind to those in need, more kind to the environment and more kind to yourself. The community aim to complete the 70 acts by Saturday, 17th February, which is Random Acts of Kindness Day.

People supported by the charity, known as ‘companions’, have direct experience of the transformative power of kindness and are among those championing the message to #BeMoreKind, such as Lawrence who recently prepared a furniture donation to be delivered to a local family (pictured).

Lawrence furniture solidarity

Emmaus Dover Community Leader, Debs Golden said: “We wanted to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Emmaus movement. We have been keeping a log of acts of kindness from our companions and also the local community. Doing one small act can make a positive difference. We are proud of all our companions and how they really take the ethos of Emmaus to heart, which is helping those in need.”

The Be More Kind campaign

The #BeMoreKind campaign forms part of an international Emmaus Uprising of Kindness which marks 70 years since founder of the international Emmaus movement, Abbé Pierre, delivered a powerful speech across the media. He called for solidarity in response to the homelessness situation in France, where people were dying on the streets.

The 1954 Uprising of Kindness appeal triggered unprecedented public generosity and led to the growth of the Emmaus movement. Today, there are 30 Emmaus communities across the UK. They provide a home, work opportunities, companionship and individual support for formerly homeless people. Internationally, there are more than 400 Emmaus groups worldwide.

The Emmaus continues to make a huge impact in the UK, 70 years on from Abbe Pierre’s historic speech. Emmaus communities helped over 6,500 people last year with accommodation, support services, outreach work and community activities.

To find out more about Emmaus Dover’s 70 acts of kindness, follow the charity on Facebook or Instagram.