On Wednesday 19 April, Julie our Tree Nursery Manager enjoyed a visit to Moor Trees, which is an independent charity dedicated to restoring native woodland on Dartmoor and in South Devon.

The aim of Julie’s visit was to understand the processes Moor Trees took to develop and establish its tree nurseries, to help eliminate some of the early snags we might come across while setting up our own Emmaus Community Tree Nursery. Each year, Moor Trees collects tens of thousands of local tree seed to grow in its community tree nurseries and works with hundreds of volunteers.

On the day, Julie was shown around by Director Adam and met with Dave, the Nursery Manager.  Julie gained insight into bio security, compost, planters, an irrigation system, power sources and how Moor Trees support volunteers.

Commenting on her visit to Moor Trees, Julie said:

“The entire day was incredibly beneficial. Moor Trees is at the forefront of community tree nurseries and defintiely a model for Emmaus Cornwall to be inspired by.”

Julie learnt a huge amount from her visit and we would like to thank Moor Trees for taking the time to show her around!

Our Emmaus Community Tree Nursery aims to meet the need for locally grown trees, whilst providing a nature based hub for volunteers and generating income to open a community for formerly homeless people. To find out more about our Emmaus Community Tree Nursery click here. Interested in volunteering at our nursery? Visit our volunteer page.