We spoke to Street Souls volunteer about why he volunteers for our fortnightly outreach project, and why he thinks you should get involved in our Street Souls Winter Appeal. We are always looking for volunteers to join our team! Find out more including how to get involved here.

Why did you choose to become a Street Souls volunteer?

I grew up in a small village so it was very rare that you would see someone who was homeless, it was only when you went into the city or when watching the news where I would see that homelessness was a huge issue. I wanted to do something to help and street souls was an easily accessible charity to volunteer with.

What do you think is the best thing about Street Souls?

The size of the project enables initiatives to happen quickly without the red tape that would slow down a bigger charity.

Why do you think projects like Street Souls are important?

They offer support where it is really needed.

Why should people donate to the Street Souls Winter Appeal?

Street Souls are always coming up with new initiatives, such as partnering with the local scouts group to wrap Christmas presents and write cards to hand out at Christmas. Donations would enable more investment to go into things such as the clothing and food that is provided, as well as the fuel for the van to transport clothing and food to volunteering locations.

Our Street Souls team regularly provides food, essential items including warm clothes and sleeping bags, information and support to people living in extremely difficult circumstances. Your donation could help us to fund many more of these fortnightly sessions, providing a lifeline to some of the most vulnerable people in the capital.

We’d be so grateful if you’d consider donating money to support our Street Souls Winter Appeal, to help us reach our target.