We are delighted to announce that we have supported the creation of the new Lewisham Station Free Library by donating two bookcases and over 200 books.

After experiencing a sudden ‘mental car crash’ earlier this year, Michael Peacock found solace in reading. Feeling more recovered after a few months, he decided he wanted to spread the book love around and help other people in a situation similar to his by setting up a Free Library at Lewisham Station.

When he posted a call for help on Facebook, our team jumped on the opportunity to help. Clare, Community Leader at Emmaus Greenwich, and William, one of our current residents, drove over from our Plumstead shop to donate two bookshelves and over 200 books to populate the new free library.

The set-up took three days and was a community effort – Michael’s call for help created a chain reaction of kindness and solidarity from many other community members, and within 48 hours, the shelves were full.

We are proud to be supporting this community effort and will continue to donate books recurrently to ensure the library continues to provide free access to books to any travellers passing through Lewisham Station.

Solidarity at Emmaus Greenwich

One of the most important aspects of the Emmaus ethos is solidarity, working to help others who are vulnerable or experiencing difficulties. As well as supporting companions to rebuild their lives after homelessness, we show support to other causes, charities and initiatives.