On 16 June a group of volunteers from Citibank spent the day transforming our community garden. In the sweltering heat, the group pulled up weeds, painted fencing and gave our garden a much-needed spruce up! The day was organised by our trustee Dean Portelli, who works at Citibank.

Dean said: “The community garden is a really important private space for Emmaus Greenwich, and is used every day by companions, staff and volunteers. It was so great to bring in a team of volunteers to give the space the care and attention it needed and I’m delighted by the transformation.”

Over the coming months we hope to continue revitalising the garden. In particular, we plan to create a memorial wall for companions and friends who have passed away, and who mean a lot to our community. Another group of volunteers will be coming in September and will continue the work Citibank began.

From everyone at Emmaus Greenwich we would like to say a huge thank you to Citibank! If you are interested in corporate volunteer days at our community, please contact Community Leader Clare at [email protected].