We have received a donation of mattresses worth thousands of pounds from the world’s leading direct-to-consumer sleep brand, Emma Sleep.

The Emma mattresses are on sale at our shops in Gloucester and Stroud. Proceeds from the sale of the mattresses, which have already started to sell quickly, will go to the ongoing costs of providing support to 26 formerly homeless people at our community home.

Our charity provides a home, training, work opportunities and individual support to people who have experienced homelessness. We people we support gain skills, confidence and experience by working alongside local volunteers in our social enterprises.

Dr Dennis Schmoltzi, CEO and co-founder at Emma – The Sleep Company, said: “At Emma, we strongly believe that everyone deserves a great nights’ sleep, no matter the circumstance. With this partnership and donation, we really wanted to use the power of sleep to raise vital funds for a Emmaus Gloucestershire.”

The mattress donation to Emmaus Gloucestershire is part of a national charity partnership between Emma and Emmaus UK that will see the brand launch a range of fundraising activities throughout 2023. Through this first stage of support, £500,000 worth of mattresses have been donated to 30 Emmaus communities across the UK.

Emma is home to the UK’s most-awarded mattress and is the leading direct-to-consumer sleep brand in the world. Emma’s mission is to help people awaken their best through a great nights’ sleep and it is revolutionising the sleep industry with its use of smart technology, world-class engineering and its industry-leading in-house sleep lab.