Join us for our annual Solidarity Sale in June to shop for a better world.

On Wednesday 21 June, Emmaus Gloucestershire will donate 100% of takings from our four shops to Emmaus International. This annual sale, held by all Emmaus groups, is our movement’s main source of income to carry out solidarity programmes and campaigns across the world.

On the day we’ll have lots of great items available, including furniture, household items, electrical items, clothing, books, CDs, DVDs, toys and much more!

Local, Global, Vital!

The Emmaus movement began in France in 1949 when the first community was established. From 1954 onwards, Abbé Pierre travelled the world, became involved in the global fight against poverty and told others of his experiences with Emmaus. Many more Emmaus groups were formed in different countries. Created in 1971 by Abbé Pierre, Emmaus International is a solidarity-based movement, acting against poverty and social injustice. It now brings together more than 400 Emmaus groups across 41 countries, spread over 4 continents.

“The Emmaus movement, at its fundamental core, is about people coming together and, on witnessing the suffering of others, deciding to join forces.”

Abbé Pierre – Faims & Soifs no. 8 – Summer 1970

By shopping with us on the day of our Solidarity Sale, you will be taking action to support vulnerable and marginalised people across the world. Your purchases will help to fund Emmaus groups, initiatives and projects supporting communities in desperate need. Solidarity Sale funds are also used to help improve access to basic human rights (such as education, health and water).

Many Emmaus groups in other parts of the world operate in very challenging political and economic environments with limited resources. Without the funds raised from the annual Solidarity Sale, some groups would not be able to continue with their struggles and initiatives in the service of the most disadvantaged people. 

Join our Solidarity Sale on Wednesday 21 June, 9am-5pm, at our Gloucester Superstore, Stroud shop and two Nailsworth shops. Find our shop locations here.