I’m a support worker, and I work part time at Emmaus Dover. I’ve been here since September 2019. Before I came here I was training to be a counsellor, and was a supervisor in a private care company.

An average day here could range from talking to somebody who is maybe having trouble with thoughts in their head, maybe bad nightmares, racing thoughts, to medical support, maybe someone isn’t feeling well, or perhaps someone needs help with some admin, or paperwork. Or maybe just talking to someone who wants a chat. It’s a very varied role.

I think one of the foremost parts of my role is just listening, being someone that will listen with understanding, so that companions can really voice how they’re feeling.

The thing I really like about my job is how varied it is – every day is different, especially with 25 companions. One might come and just want a chat, just to help get things straight in their head or just get something off their chest, another day might be working on referring someone on, either to Forward Trust for further help with alcohol or drugs, or maybe referring someone to a mental health team, or a GP.

What I like about being a part of Emmaus Dover is that it’s like a big family. We’re here to support everyone, and the companions all support each other as well.