We are extremely proud and delighted to announce that Emmaus Dover has been chosen as a winner of the Kent Mental Wellbeing Awards 2023.

The Kent Mental Wellbeing Awards is an annual event to showcase the people, organisations and initiatives that help us cope with life. The event’s three themes are: mental health; wellbeing; kindness and compassion.

At our homelessness charity, many of the people we support have faced extreme hardships and we are dedicated to helping them turn their lives around by providing a home for as long as needed, meaningful work experience and tailored support.

To support mental wellbeing, we have a counsellor onsite one day a week. These sessions have made a world of difference to our companions over the past three years.

We also have a podiatrist who regularly checks on everyone’s feet and the dental bus visits to address any dental needs our companions may have, making sure physical health is looked after too.

Last but not least, our garden space is a sanctuary for both companions and volunteers. It provides a tranquil setting for relaxation and reflection, contributing significantly to the mental wellbeing of our community members.

The awards will be staged on Friday 20 October by the mental health charity Mind in Bexley and East Kent in collaboration with a range of wellbeing and mental health organisations. Sir Terry Waite – President of Emmaus UK – will be the keynote speaker at the event. We are very much looking forward to meeting the other winners and celebrating together.

To find out more about the Kent Mental Wellbeing Awards, visit here.