An important part of the work we do is to support and encourage our companions to learn new skills and gain accredited qualifications. To help us with this we use an external training provider, who is provided to us with Government funding. His name is Victor, and he works for Ken Bates Associates (KBA).

All of Victor’s training is carried out in the community, which helps reduce the worry of doing something new and different. Victor also stays within the community during the training process, which is a great way for our companions to get to know him.

Community Manager Debs Golden said: “Sometimes when a person arrives at Emmaus Dover, they have lost their self-belief and confidence. Some may have left school with no qualifications, and others may have been out of the work force for several years. Our aim is to help them rebuild their lives. All of them passed and they should be so proud of themselves, as we are, and we are really grateful to Victor and KBA for their amazing support.”

Recently, a group of companions worked towards achieving their NVQ qualifications in Customer Service and also Warehousing. While training, Victor observed them whilst they were working, set an independent learning programme and then sat with them to go through any questions they had about the course. Others have also completed Functional Skills in English & Maths.

Victor said: “For about the last 14 years I’ve been involved in Emmaus. I love it when I hear a story about someone who has been super successful and has been able to move on. And if I’ve been a little part, or a catalyst in helping them get to where they are now, then I’ve achieved, and that’s what makes my job brilliant.”

Paul is one of our companions, who has undertaken NVQ training with Victor. He told us: “I found Vic to be very informative and I was satisfied with the information and support he gave me as it led to me achieving my qualification, so all positive.”

We’re very grateful to Victor and to Ken Bates Associates for all their support!