Every month Julie, our Tree Nursery Manager, brings readers a blog post all about our nursery, plants, gardening and more.

Whether you’re an avid gardener or nature enthusiast looking for inspiration, or simply interested in learning more about what’s happening at our nursery, we’ve got something for everyone in this monthly blog series. So sit back, grab a cup of tea, and join us as we explore the wonderful world of trees and gardening at Emmaus Cornwall!

New flush of growth

The sun seems to have disappeared for the month of July, but perhaps it is a relief to all the young trees that have been growing in the nursery. The trees were slowly turning brown and going into early autumn with all the wet weather that been upon us and they are having a new flush of growth.

Not that the weather has dampened our volunteers, they are still plugging away at the weeds around the trees! To help with the winds that blow up from the coast, wind netting has been put up to protect our trees further.

Here’s all of our oak trees all weeded, one of the many rows of different trees growing in the nursery:

Tree Nursery visitor

We have had another consignment of trees arrive for us to care for. These will be planted out in the winter by Forest for Cornwall. Rosie from Devon Wildlife Trust paid us a visit and was looking at our new arrivals with our trustee Rod. The Trust has two newly established nurseries in Devon and it was great to meet with other people that are dedicated to improving the environment they have two newly established nurseries in Devon.

Abundance of butterflies

There have been pluses, the insect life around has all be very busy and I have noticed an abundance of butterflies this year. The small copper butterfly below is seen throughout the UK. Males are territorial and their larva feed on sorrel and occasionally docs. The Eucryphia x Nymansensis tree below flowers in the July and August months and the bees absolutely love it. There has been some sunshine between the showers and a recent visit to Bonython Estate near Helston was a joy when walking down by the ponds – a blaze of colour.


Emmaus Community Tree Nursery is a new and exciting social enterprise offering a wide range of people opportunities to meet with others, have fun, learn about plants and the environment, whilst improving their own self esteem and wellbeing – and that of the planet. We are situated near Trewoon, with stunning far-reaching views of St Austell Bay.

We grow mostly broad leaf, conifer trees and hedging from locally sourced seeds along with other plants to benefit wild spaces and gardens. We will sell to local organisations to help fight climate change and provide vital funds for our charity – Emmaus Cornwall – seeking to remove homelessness in Cornwall.

We offer open and closed free volunteering sessions and all people are welcome whatever their circumstances, in a nurturing, friendly environment.

We offer people a chance to learn about growing trees from seed while immersing themselves in nature in the knowledge that they are helping themselves and the planet to flourish. Activities vary throughout the season from collecting seeds to processing growing and planting trees. For people interested in construction and hands-on making, we have plenty of opportunities to help create seed beds, benches and so much more. All of this happens within an extremely supportive environment. Also, there are opportunities to progress and train in horticulture, at the same time earning valuable Time Credits.

Feel free to signpost anyone our way – booking essential, sessions are free. Please see contact details below:

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