We are delighted to announce the publication of our book Street Life, a collection of twenty short stories that shine a light on homelessness in its various forms. This book not only offers a captivating exploration of the experiences behind the issue of homelessness but also serves as a powerful tool to support our charity. All profits from the book will directly contribute to our mission of opening an Emmaus community in Cornwall.

Street Life features an exceptional selection of short stories generously donated by accomplished and bestselling authors, all with connections to the South West of England. These stories depict the diverse experiences of homelessness, ranging from human to animal, urban to rural, and beyond. Within its pages, you’ll find a mix of contemporary and historical tales, each with its own unique tone—some uplifting, others sad, but all hopeful.

Collaborative project

We owe many thanks to the individuals who made this project a reality. Our Chair of Trustees, Sue Trewella, led the initiative with author and actress Elizabeth Revill, who expertly curated the book. It was a true collaboration with numerous volunteers dedicating their time and expertise. The authors generously donated their work, a talented graphic designer crafted the cover, a volunteer assisted with typesetting and formatting, and someone graciously proofread the book. We are immensely thankful for the support of Blue Poppy Publishing, whose contribution was instrumental in bringing this project to life. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to everyone involved.

Buy a copy, make a difference

By purchasing a copy of Street Life, priced at £9.99, you not only gain access to compelling and thought-provoking stories but also actively contribute to a worthy cause. All profit from book sales will go directly to Emmaus Cornwall, helping us establish an Emmaus community and providing much-needed accommodation, meaningful work experience, funded training, and tailored support to those who have experienced homelessness. With 30 established Emmaus communities in the UK, an Emmaus community in Cornwall is urgently needed to empower individuals in rebuilding their lives.

We invite you to support Emmaus Cornwall by purchasing a copy of Street Life today. Through this act of solidarity, you can indulge in an engaging read while making a meaningful difference. To buy a copy, you have several options:

  • Visit your local Waterstones, The Book Shop in Wadebridge, Winestone’s in Sidmouth, Walter Henry’s in Bideford, Hurley Books Mevagissey or Annas at Charlestow to purchase in-store, or visit Carlyon Bay Hotel Golf Club to buy a copy.
  • Order online through Blue Poppy Publishers.
  • Contact our trustee, Sue Trewella, at 07742178353 or [email protected] to arrange your purchase by phone or email.
  • Purchase a hard copy or ebook online via Amazon

Thank you for considering this opportunity to support our charity. Together, we can bring about positive change and create a brighter future for those affected by homelessness, social exclusion and poverty.