Ida Liitiäinen


I spent a week at the Emmaus community in Colchester, during this time as the days went on people started to share their stories with me.

I am a photographer, before I take part in a shoot I like to spend time with my subjects and put myself in their shoes. I refer to this as ‘empowering photographing’. Through my photography I want to show people that they are beautiful they are, just the way they are.

During my time at Emmaus, I took the opportunity to take some pictures that capture life at Emmaus to show that being homeless doesn't necessarily mean that there is no hope for a better future.

I want to show to people that facing homelessness can happen to anyone regardless of how they have lived their life previously.

 Even though some of the peoples stories are full of sadness, and bad decisions they are humans just like you and I and they should be treated that way.

Everybody deserves a second chance and this is what I saw at Emmaus, people using this opportunity to start to again.