A social return on investment (SROI) study carried out in 2012 by social and economic company Just Economics demonstrates the impact of Emmaus’s work, both for individuals and for society. The research forecasts that each year Emmaus communities generate £11 in social, environmental and economic return for every £1 invested.

The report concludes that Emmaus communities successfully provide a place for people in vulnerable housing situations to rebuild their lives by offering them meaningful work opportunities and support. The most significant benefits relate to substantial improvements in residents’ physical and mental health, including reductions in substance misuse. Other important outcomes include gaining work experience, skills and training; reductions in offending and re-building relationships with family and friends.

Emmaus communities also generate significant savings to the taxpayer. For the 21 communities included in the research, the study forecasts that the present value of savings to local and national government stands at almost £6 million per year. Key outcomes for government from Emmaus’s work include fewer rough sleepers, fewer people claiming benefits, reduced substance misuse, reduced crime and fewer health problems.

A brief summary, a longer executive summary and the full report are available to download below.

Making an Impact A5 summary

Making an Impact A4 executive summary

Making an Impact full report