‘Solidarity’ is central to the Emmaus ethos. It is when we all ‘pay it forward’ by helping other people in need.

Helping others can be very powerful, proving that everyone has the capacity to make a difference to the lives of others.

The video below was created by Shannon – one of the people being supported by Emmaus Village Carlton. It features short glimpses into the different types of solidarity work we do here – from offering help and supplies to rough sleepers, to fundraising for local causes and even hosting a football tournament for organisations involved in homelessness and housing:

Here is Shannon’s poem about the meaning of solidarity:

Solidarity is listening.
Solidarity is cups of tea.
Solidarity is covering a someone’s break.
Solidarity is donating items.
Solidarity is handing out pot noodles.
Solidarity is spending time.
Solidarity is giving a new warm dry sleeping bag.
Solidarity is opening the door for someone.
Solidarity is training and education.
Solidarity is charity and money.
Solidarity is being there for someone.
Solidarity is kindness and consideration.
Solidarity is helping.
Solidarity is easy.
Emmaus is Solidarity.

In 2018/19, Emmaus Village Carlton’s solidarity work donated:

Over £2,000 to local good causes.
Over £1,000 to national good causes.
Over £18,000 to the Emmaus UK Development Fund.
Over £16,000 worth of goods to other Emmaus communities.
Over £16,500 worth of goods donated to other causes.

Find out more about Emmaus Village Carlton solidarity work.