We’re calling on you to join our special Scrapheap Challenge! Come and create something new and wonderful from items destined for the rubbish tip.

Participants in the challenge will be invited to visit our on-site recycling area where unsellable items donated to our Home Store are sorted. You’ll be given the chance to select objects which are otherwise destined for landfill, including metal, wood, plastics and white goods components, to take home and create something amazing with them.

During national Recycle Week (23 – 29 September) the Scrapheap Challenge creations will be displayed and put to a public vote to find the favourite. They will then go on sale in our Emmaus Village Carlton Home Store. Proceeds will help fund our outreach work on the streets of Bedford and Northampton, handing out supplies and offering support to rough sleepers.

Local metal artist Henry Parrott is supporting the Scrapheap Challenge and will create something for it:
“I started welding as a hobby six years ago. As my skills improved, I realised that people really appreciated my creations when I gave them as gifts and so I started selling them too. The pieces I create are made from things that would otherwise be thrown away. It feels good to take a few things from a skip and make a candle holder, for example. I’m looking forward to joining in the Emmaus Village Carlton Scrapheap Challenge and would encourage others to have a go too.

“It’s all for a good cause and it’s amazing what you can make from scrap.”

Why not visit Henry Parrott’s Facebook page for inspiration?

We’re very excited about the Scrapheap Challenge. People donate thousands of unwanted items to our Home Store each year but sadly not all of them are of a quality that can be resold, so we work hard to minimise waste and recycle as much as possible. This challenge is a chance for people to get creative with what would otherwise end up as landfill. We hope people will use their imagination to create something useful or beautiful – or both!

The final exhibition and sale during Recycle Week will help to highlight the importance of re-using items and also raise vital funds to help local people who are homeless.

The Scrapheap Challenge items will be displayed and sold at the Emmaus Village Carlton Home Store, School Lane, Carlton, MK43 7LQ.

Anyone interested in entering the Scrapheap Challenge can email Tom Blight by the end of August, at [email protected] to arrange a visit to choose their scrapheap items.