Homelessness and displacement are guaranteed consequences of war. Already, millions of people in Ukraine have been forced to leave their homes.

Emmaus UK is supporting our colleagues Emmaus Europe to raise money for the two Emmaus groups in Ukraine during economic uncertainty, and those on the Polish and Romanian borders who are supporting refugees.

Your donation will be accepted by Emmaus UK and sent to Emmaus Europe to be used to help those living in Ukraine and those being supported in other countries who have been displaced by the conflict.

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Updates from Emmaus groups in Ukraine and bordering countries

Emmaus Oselya and Emmaus Nasha Khata (Ukraine) are continuing to hand out food, clothing and medicines on a daily basis to displaced people at various locations in Lviv for Oselya (theatre, schools, railway station, city centre) and in Drohobych for Nasha Khata.

While the two communities’ charity shops have closed, community life and their social initiatives supporting homeless people are carrying on.

Polish groups in Rzeszow (for Nasha Khata) and Lublin (for Oselya) are addressing Ukrainian  groups’ urgent needs by locally purchasing emergency supplies for them, using the donations made to the Ukraine Emergency Fund. The groups are also hosting refugees. 

Emmaus Lublin  (Poland) is housing 21 people, and the group has set up a partnership network with 20 host families, enabling refugees to quickly find accommodation with one of them. At the present time, 40 people are being housed thanks to this network. The community is supporting the host families by handing out food and hygiene products to partially cover the cost of housing the Ukrainians.

Emmaus Rzeszow (Poland) has created 12 accommodation places, and is helping to welcome refugees in a shelter with 100 places. The shelter has been set up using beds and mattresses donated by the Emmaus groups in Europe.

Emmaus Brat Albert (Poland) is acting as a support base for Rzeszow and Lublin, providing them with logistics support. The group is currently housing roughly 10 displaced people, and is going to swiftly increase its accommodation capacity.

The number of refugees in Romania is currently going down. Following an initial wave of arrivals most refugees found temporary accommodation before continuing their journeys to Western Europe.

During this time, Emmaus Iasi prepared and handed out 150 hot meals a day for 10 days. The group is in contact with the council and the third sector in Iasi, as well as Chernivtsi in Ukraine.

You can find out more about Emmaus Europe’s work by visiting the Emmaus Europe website.

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