Our charity is going greener and The Royal Oak will soon be surrounded with trees, flowers & fruits and vegetables.

We’re linking up with Greener Ipswich CIC and Ipswich Community Shed to improve the outside space of our community cafe. Ipswich Community Shed, part of Eden Rose Coppice Trust, are helping us construct wooden planters to grow useful produce and decorative plants in.

This project is part of a package of improvement in Ipswich thanks to a grant from Ipswich Borough Council’s Towns Fund supported by the Government. This grant aims to improve local neighbourhood shopping areas.

Our CEO, Claire Staddon, said: “We are really grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with two local organisations and improve make the exterior of The Royal Oak more welcoming and attractive. Gardens are so important for wellbeing and we want our cafe to be a place where people can thrive and feel at the heart of a community. We hope to open more community gardens across our site as we know how important getting out into nature is for our mental health.”

The custom-designed planters will be filled with flowers, herbs, vegetables and soft fruit. There will also be some tree planting including a pear tree, Emmaus Suffolk were donated as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy.

Faye Harburt, Chair of Greener Ipswich CIC said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Emmaus and The Ipswich Community Shed to bring more life and greenery to the shopping area.”

Greener Ipswich CIC aims to kickstart the regeneration of the town and become a model of excellence by creating more green spaces. The Ipswich Community Shed, is part of Eden Rose Coppice Trust a charity supporting safe and easy access to nature for people living with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses. The Community Shed offers opportunities for people to get involved in positive action for nature & their own wellbeing.

Dr Rob Brooks, founder of Eden Rose and Ipswich Community Shed said: “We are very pleased that our volunteers are able to help with this really worthwhile project.”

We’re excited to see the gradual transformation of The Royal Oak over the summer. Be sure to pop in and visit us. Find our opening times & summer menu here